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I hope you enjoy every page of my action-packed medieval novels, and learn about interesting parallels to history!

Hi, I’m Charity Land! I am an adventurous and enthusiastic author, who enjoys singing, playing a variety of instruments, art, historical costuming, and captivating my nephews and nieces with my storytelling.
Once a world traveler in a family band, I traveled to 48 of the States and 7 different countries. Now I have found the love of my life and moved to a small town in North Dakota with my husband.
Around farm life, Charity writes clean, Chrsitian Worldveiw, historical fiction books that she hopes will install a love for history, and inspire a deeper relationship with God.

Q and A:

Q: Do your books have magic in them?

A: There is no magic.

Q: What age group is the Legacy of Chevolta series for?

A: Pre teen and Teen, or 6th grade through 12th grade. However, many age groups love my books. I have seen 7 year olds captivated by the stories, and many adults greatly enjoy them as well.

Q: Who are you published with?

A: I’m self-published with Kindle Direct Publishing

Q: What era and geographic location does your series take place?

A: While the world is actually fictional, the kingdoms are based off of historical countries. The time period is Medieval, the series starting in the 1000’s and ending in the 1400’s.

Do you have a question? I'd love to answer it!