Archaic Terms Game-Level 1: Timer’s Going!

Timer's going!

What does “indeed” mean?

She shrugged. “Indeed. I will consider it.”

“Indeed! I consider the idea odious!”

“They seem quite happy.” he said.

“Indeed they do!”

What does “mayhaps” mean?

“Mayhaps! I wouldn’t dream of anything else!” she cried.

“Mayhaps there will be more festivals in the future.”

“I mayhaps shall see it with my own eyes.” she sighed.

What does “yonder” mean?

“Meet me yonder, by the old oak.”

“Who knows where the cows dissapeared to. They’re probably yonder.”

“I’m going yonder, it’s getting dark out.”

What does “damsel” mean?

What does “methinks” mean?

“Methinks that is the case!” he laughed.

“Methinks. Can you explain to to me?”

“Methinks that every time I turn around, there are more people gathered in the town square.”