Archaic Terms Game-Level 3: Timer’s Going!

Timer's going!

What does “fie” mean?

“It’s a fie, not fit to eat really.”

“My house is a fie, and I don’t have supper made!”

What does “apothecary” mean?

“Apply the apothecary!”

“I need to take a trip to the apothecary to see what can be done about my terrible headaches.”

“Apothecary, I’ll take some mulled ale!”

What does “billow” mean?

A billow rushed over the deck of the Daskompa, soaking the crew.

He shouted and threw things about in a billowed state.

“Are you keeping billows from me?”

What does “clerk” mean?

The clerk quickly added the numbers in his head.

“I shall hire a clerk to write the letter for me.”

“He’s Lord Eldon’s clerk.”

What does “laud” mean?

“All glory, laud, and honor to Thee.”

It was fried in laud.

“Stop being so laud!”