Archaic Terms Game-Level 4: Timer’s Going!

Timer's going!

What does “dandiprat” mean?

“The dandiprat always gets his way.”

The dandiprat raised his eyebrows and tipped over the stand of apples with his foot.

“I hate mingling with all these dandiprats!” he muttered.

What does “sooth” mean?

She was always sooth, no matter the circumstance.

“It’s only sooth, so don’t get your hopes up.”

“In sooth, I didn’t mean it!”

What does “mummer” mean?

“He’s a mummer in an acting troupe I hear.” the baker’s wife said, pounding the soft dough on the counter.

“He makes signs at me all day as if he wishes to communicate, but I pay the old mummer enough, you’d think he’d leave me alone!”

“My mummer said that your father was literate. Where was he learned?”

What does “bootless” mean?

“You bootless weakling!” he cried, “Stand and fight!”

“Our mission is bootless, now that the princess is dead.” he said in a low tone.

“He and his brother are both bootless chaps if you ask me!” she scoffed.

What does “palfrey” mean?

The court musician plucked the strings of the palfrey easily, producing a beautiful melody.

“It is quite palfrey out today.”

The maiden gracefully rode her palfrey through the town, with her entourage behind her.