Archaic Terms Game-Level 2: Timer’s Going!

Timer's going!

What does “escoffin” mean?

The monk prepared his escoffin with a thick layer of butter over the browned top.

Two maids helped the princess don her elaborate escoffin.

Lord Galvin’s escoffin was the finest ever seen, decked with gold and  engraved with his family’s coat of arms.

What does “bedward” mean?

“I’m bedwards,” He called, pulling open the door and stepping outside.

“She’s being driven bedward!” the sailor shouted amid the torrent.

Elaina gave the bedward with an exasperated sigh.

What does “groke” mean?

Peter took their wheat to the mill every day to get it groked.

The dog openly groked, watching his master tear off pieces of juicy steak with his teeth.

After they had finished groking the hut, Castor set his bucket of lard down, glancing at the clouds on the horizon.

What does “anon” mean?

“I am anon with your tedious talk of ocean currents.” the lady smiled wryly.

“You shall anon find me again!” he cried angrily.

They rounded a bend in the road, and arrived at the castle anon.

What does “trebuchet” mean?

The trebuchet’s long arm swung forward, releasing the large boulder into the air.

“Here’s your trebuchet, Sir,” the young squire said, handing it to his master.

The maiden lowered the trebuchet into the well, filling it with water before pulling it back up.