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Boarlone is a swampy bog-forest with one range of Mountains. The Olde Harsteockis held onto the land for years, before Prince Soren, the rebel prince, took over the land and destroyed their people. It has been in a rough state of poverty for most of Boarlone’s modern existence, although one ruler did establish rice patty fiefdoms by draining off much of the swamp water in places. The kingdom eventually transforms from a wild wasteland crawling with cutthroats and savages, to a decent, well populated kingdom, allies with other countries.

Boarlone is based off of Ancient Ireland.


Aurenia is a luscious island a few hours boat ride from the East coast of Boarlone. It trades tropical fruits, island animals, and precious metals with the rest of the Couerlish islands. The two drawbacks are the volcanoes, and a ruthless, Ruling is My Right, queen, who cares more for her pet cheetah than she does for a single one of her subjects.

Aurenia is based off the countries of Italy and Madagascar.


Irithria is peaceful land, unified as a kingdom since the days of King Carthalo, and ruled by a kind ruler since King Phillip. They would live in a golden age if it weren’t for their terrifying neighbors who have proved to be enemies for so long, and who continue to harass the borders, pillage villages, and capture important personages for ransom. Other than that, the kingdom deals with droughts, famine, and even war occasionally, as feudalism becomes less and less popular.


Mythastersi is a kingdom that looks down on all others, their superior way of living seeming to make them a finer country. It is a cold, unforgiving and proud country, where it is winter half of the year. Mythastersi has the largest and only navy in the islands, and control the seas thoroughly.

Since the culture is so far above the other kingdoms, many Irithrians go there for education or training at the royal court.

Mythastersi was patterned after a strange mix of Russia and France.


Krataria is a land of rustic cutthroats, yet it is the largest island and the culture has been well established. Traitors are in the royal bloodline, and revenge follows close behind.

Krataria is based loosely off of viking Norway.

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Coeurlish Islands

The Islands are bound together by a common language, and a common religion. The Lands Beyond speak foreign languages, worship many gods, and are unfriendly to the Ceourlish.

Despite these common grounds, the kingdoms have had their reasons for quarreling for centuries.

The Islands were designed off of medieval Europe.


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The Lands Beyond map

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