Phillip: Battle of the Banished


Phillip is not like his brothers. While they are great warriors, and the favored sons of his father, Phillip  is a an intellectual, musician, and kind leader…and yet he’s been told he’s a failure all his life. Will he ever realize his true gifts and talents?

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Phillip is not like his brothers. While his older brothers are strong warriors, accustomed to war and skilled with the sword, Phillip enjoys playing music, reading and writing manuscripts. His father, King Geoffrey, has tried to make a warrior out of him, but Phillip fails the final test of strength, and King Geoffrey sends him away to his Uncle’s for the summer. Perhaps he will learn to fight there. But many changes come upon the land while Phillip is away. The Rebel Prince Søren from foreign lands has been thrown out of his homeland and has decided to take over King Geoffrey’s land to live in. How can Phillip gain his father’s love and acceptance at the same time save his country from the villainous Prince Søren?

  • Series: Legacy of Chevolta
  • Book number: (0)
  • Paperback: 402 pages
  • Language: English

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