Seraphina: Peace in the Peril



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Peace in the Peril

Barbaric conquerors, Jautouwahans, crash upon the already feuding islands! For years they’ve tried to find peace among themselves and now it seems as if it’s the only option to make peace in order to defeat the Jautouwahans. Seraphina in terror of the coming battles to be fought, decides that God’s calling for her life is as a nun in an abbey…but an abbey doesn’t mean safety in this case.

Crown Prince of Irithria, Owen, runs away from his studies and his father, King Edward who has his life planned out. Soon, he discovers he holds the key that his kingdom needs to survive the Jautouwahans? Will he return at the risk of losing his life free of responsibilty?Traitors, forgotten enemies, evil advisors, plagues, knights spying on the Khan’s campsite…how will the Couerlish defeat the Jautouwahans and also defeat the hate in their own hearts?

  • Series: Legacy of Chevolta (Book 5)
  • Paperback: 479 pages
  • Language: English
Harmony Higbie
Harmony Higbie@harmonyhigbie
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Charity’s book “Seraphina: Peace in the Peril” was a source of encouragement & challenge in my walk of faith. She expertly weaves several storylines together all the while developing dynamic characters who grow in their particular situations. Although the dialogue occasionally slips into modern language, I learned a lot about the time period, especially about plague & medieval medicine. Charity’s book is a great read for the tween population, incorporating action, biblical truths & historical perspective.
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Charity, God has truly gifted you with writing, and I am so blessed to see it used for the glory of God! Your books have encouraged me time and again!

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