Writer’s Funny Facts

I still remember sitting at the kitchen table in Virginia right around my 14th birthday, writing out the last words to my book Heart for Adventure. I leapt up and promptly told my nephews nieces and sister that I had finished writing the book! I celebrated by eating some brownies that had just got out of the oven!

At the end of Battle of the Banished, Phillip uses a special team of men for a special tasks. Their names are Davald, Teric, and Baron.

But did you know who they are named after?

Donald Trump’s three sons, Donald, Eric and Baron.

The original book of Eleanor started as a slideshow in PowerPoint when I was eleven or twelve. I inserted clip art of princesses and knights, and built backgrounds, creating moving pictures. Then I put a caption to the picture. Thus the story very slowly and shallowly developed, but never was completed.

One day I thought, “I should write this into a story!”

So I did.

And this time I actually finished it, and illustrated it! Excited at the completion of my 42 pg book, Mom took me to Staples and we got it printed out and put into a spiral notebook!

My brother, who had just self-published his first book, took an interest, and helped me set up an account with Amazon so that I too could publish my book!

And that was just the beginning…

When I was first writing the book of Matilda, I created this character named Frederic and he was going to purposely betray the king and queen of Irithria for selfish reasons! But then I noticed that he was around the same age as Matilda…and I knew they had to get married, so I decided to make him a good guy!

To get the name Chevolta, I simply took Chevy and Toyota, and mixed them together!


When I was first starting the series, I thought of a mean animal for the enemy land: a boar. And then I thought of Wallace and how he was kind of all alone in the world. Like a Lone Boar. Then I had! Boarlone!


Krataria was named after a character from my current favorite TV show, I just changed a few letters.


For Irithria, I simply used an online kingdom name generator, and switched out letters until it was different!


I started with the word “myth” and I think I just added letters until I was satisified!


I think this was also an online name generator name, and I may or may not have changed some letters.

In the Legacy of Chevolta, you might notice that people from Irithria often have names that end in C, while people from Krataria or Boarlone always have the letter K instead.

For instance from Irithria we have: Frederic, Teric, and Clemens, while from Boarlone we have Kurtis, Derik, Karles, Kierkegaard, and Korianna.

The cities are the same way, and some of you may have noticed that in Battle of the Banished, the city “Corazin” changes to “Korazin!” this is because the Kratarians have taken it over, and the letter “C” does not exist in the Kratarian character set.

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Ask me any questions, from “why did you create such a character as King Arrigo?!” to “where were you sitting when you wrote this scene…” I’ll not only answer you personally, I will post the answer on this page for all Chevoltan Nobility to see!

Questions of the Noble Court

Q: How did you decide to make the series 6 books long?

A: I had a vague idea of maybe a 5 book series by the time I was writing the 3rd book, but when I got to the 4th book, I knew it needed a prequel and one final book to end it. So that’s how it ended up being six books long!